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Assisted Living & Respite Care

HomeSteady Assisted Living provides personal care for seniors who need assistance with daily activities. Seniors who stay with us temporarily are considered to be under Respite Care.

Assisted Living facilities provide care for older people who need assistance with daily activities. Our Assisted Living Care includes:

  • Personal care: Help with everyday activities like bathing, dressing, and meal preparation.
  • Medication management: Assistance with taking prescribed medications at the correct times and quantities.
  • Housekeeping: Cleaning services for the resident’s living space.
  • Social activities: Organized events and activities for residents to participate in.
Respite Care is a temporary service provided by a caregiver to a dependent loved one. The purpose of respite care is to give the primary caregiver a break. Our Respite Care includes:
  • Short-term stay: Our home provides temporary accommodations for the elderly or disabled person, which can range from a few hours to several weeks. 
  • Care: During their stay, the care recipient can receive services such as social and mental wellness, medication management, and assistance with daily activities.
  • Social activities: The person receiving care has the opportunity to engage in social activities and interaction.
Daughter and mother at HoemSteady Assisted Living
HomeSteady does not offer nor are we licensed for memory care/dementia care. However, there are many instances where we are able to help seniors who are in the beginning stages of dementia. It’s best to consult with us prior to choosing another facility. 
  • Safety Measures: Making necessary modifications in the home to prevent accidents and ensuring the person does not wander off alone. 
  • End-of-life Care: As dementia is a profressive disease, end-of-life care becomes a crucial part of dementia care. It involves managing symptoms, providing comfort, and supporting both the person with dementia and their loved ones during this difficult time. 
  • Caregiver Support: Providing resources, training, and emotional support to family members and caregivers who are looking after the person with dementia. 
  • Therapeutic Activities: Engaging the person in activities that stimulate their mind and keep them active. This could include music therapy, art therapy, or physical exercise. 
Here at HomeSteady, our farm is a great way to engage those who may have memory loss or the beginning stages of dementia.
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