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Farm-Life in an Assisted Living

At HomeSteady Assisted Living, daily life is a blend of care, community, and countryside charm. Here’s a glimpse of what a typical day might look like:


Residents wake up to the peaceful sounds of the countryside. A nutritious breakfast is served at our community dining table, where residents can chat and enjoy their meal together. Following breakfast, residents can participate in morning stretches and feeding the animals or drink their coffee on the patio watching the animals do their morning routines.


Post-lunch, residents have the option to participate in a variety of activities. This could be anything from art classes to book clubs, all designed to keep the mind active and engaged. Additionally, the mini farm offers unique opportunities for interaction with animals and nature, such as gardening or feeding treats to the farm animals.


Dinner is a social event at HomeSteady. Fresh, nutritious meals are prepared daily, often using ingredients grown right on the farm! After dinner, residents might enjoy a movie night or game night, or they may simply relax in their rooms or in one of the common areas.


Bedtime is generally flexible, allowing residents to follow their own sleep schedules. The staff are available 24/7/365 to assist with any needs that may arise during the night.


Please note that the schedule can very based on individual needs and preferences. The goal at HomeSteady is to provide a comfortable engaging, and homely environment for all residents.


We accept only 14 residents in our home, so each group is small, friendly, and low-key. You’ll feel welcome from the very first day.

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